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We helped Arrive figure out where they were going, so they could help travelers do the same. 

Arrive is a travel advisory app that aims to simplify life for a customer who travels frequently, but doesn't have much time to think about itineraries and flights. 

Working alongside design studio Practice Theory, I conducted research and interviews with the company’s founders, designers and engineers. Our goal was to create Arrive’s brand identity. Along the way, we also helped them articulate an entirely new philosophy of travel. 

Arrive’s tagline is as simple as its interface: make travel easy. 

We set out to express this core brand idea of making travel easy through a physical document, designed for internal use by Arrive’s founders, engineers, designers, content writers and business development team. This brand book would guide all decisions made by the company. 


A suite of services backed by an entire philosophy of travel.

Arrive's offering includes flight booking, itinerary management, sightseeing recommendations, emergency assistance and more. To deliver these services, they rely on a combination of algorithms, 24/7 text support and over-the-phone concierges. 

We developed a tone of voice that was consistent, adaptable, and took context into account. Sometimes users need a hotel, sometimes they need a hospital, and sometimes they just want to find the perfect bowl of ramen from one of Tokyo’s 4,000 ramen shops.  

We also created core usage guidelines for how Arrive's philosophy of making travel easy would be embodied in their product, especially as that product continued to evolve over time.

Like a favorite pair of jeans, Arrive doesn’t just travel with its users—it fits them better over time.